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The new stores – Sustainability at ALDI North

A peek through the large front windows is all it takes to see that quite a bit has changed here. The updated stores are bright and friendly, while more space, new colours and a clear presentation of products provide even better orientation. Through the ALDI Nord Instore Konzept (ANIKo), we are systematically renovating our stores in line with our customers’ needs


An atmosphere that makes our customers feel right at home – that is the goal at the heart of our new stores. The renovation is the largest project to date in the history of the ALDI North Group. A majority of the 4,700 stores are slated for an update in the next two to three years. Many changes immediately stick out, while others are being made unseen behind the scenes. Our virtual tour reveals all that awaits ALDI North customers in the freshly renovated stores. But that’s not all: it also shows where we are making our product range increasingly sustainable – both in brand-new and already existing stores. Because whether already modernised or not, customers will find a bigger selection, greater freshness and more sustainable products at the proven ALDI price at all of our stores.

The layout: tour of a typical ANIKo store

Not every ANIKo will have exactly the same layout, as differences may arise depending on the location, building and country. Join us for a tour of a typical new store and have a look at all that’s changed!

ANIKo-Lageplan_Neu_ALDI_Nord_EN – Sustainability at ALDI North

Entrance area: welcome

A trolley, a basket or perhaps the colourful children’s trolley? Our customers have a full selection to choose from. In many stores, a digital display in the entrance shows how much electricity the photovoltaic installation on the roof is currently producing.

Breakfast area

Mmmmhhhh…it sure smells good here. Around 30 different fresh bread and bakery products are offered. Some stores donate day-old bread or sell it at a reduced price – one of our measures against food waste.

Cosmetics & body care

In Germany, the formulas for many of the cosmetic products such as shampoos, shower gels and liquid soaps have been modified to replace liquid microplastics. Microplastics in hygiene products have already been prohibited by law in France.


We are working to gradually reduce the sugar content in soft drinks, cereals, canned fruits and other products. Large portions of our range of cocoa products have been changed over to certified raw goods.

Fruit & vegetables

It is the new centrepiece of the store: the expanded fruit-and-vegetable section offers customers an even greater selection of fresh produce. Thanks to an ever-growing number of certified products, our range is becoming more sustainable, step by step. One excellent example is our organic fair-trade bananas.


Back in 2004, ALDI North became the first corporate group in the German food retail sector to stop selling eggs from caged birds or small-group housing systems. The ban on battery eggs will be imposed in all ALDI North Group countries by 2025, and earlier than that in many countries.

Fresh & instant

This section is dedicated to the convenient consumption of fresh or ready-to-eat food. The assortment extends from chilled juice and salads to ready-made meals or quick snacks. Particularly sensitive fruit and vegetables are kept in refrigerated storage to keep them fresh longer.

Meat & fish

Our commitment to freshness does not exclude products containing meat and fish. One particularly important aspect is the increasingly sustainable range of meat and fish. We are standing up for greater animal welfare in various projects and initiatives . Here’s a tip: our customers can directly trace the origins of meat products using the ALDI Transparency Code (ATC) provided on the packaging.

Recipe of the week

All out of brilliant ideas for a delicious meal? We’re here to help! With our recipe of the week, we provide seasonal and creative cooking ideas in many stores. All of the necessary ingredients that don’t need refrigeration are conveniently located at the stand. Here’s a tip: we also carry out projects on healthy nutrition as part of social commitment.

Cheese & dairy

Greater animal welfare on the chiller shelves: since late 2017, we have been marking Meierkamp Alpenmilch (Alpine milk) at all German stores with the entry standard of the “Für Mehr Tierschutz” animal welfare label of the German Animal Welfare Federation. Since 2018, Meierkamp Weidemilch (meadow-grazed milk) has even met the premium standard of the animal welfare label. Both standards ensure that farmers observe guidelines that go significantly above and beyond the legal requirements for dairy cow husbandry. We also offer the Noordholland premium cheese made from meadow-grazed milk in all stores. We sell meadow-grazed milk in the Netherlands as well.

Frozen food

When customers need something quick and easy, the frozen-food section has the answer. We have expanded the overall range of frozen products. Good to know: only energy-efficient freezers with a natural refrigerant are used in our new stores.

Promotional goods

Our new stores now feature more room for our promotional goods. Our well-known customer magazine ALDI aktuell shows you every week what new products we have on sale. This is also where we present our more sustainable products.

ANIKo near you

Have we made you curious? See for yourself and experience our new or renovated stores near you. You will find the addresses of all newly renovated stores in Germany and the Netherlands by clicking on the links.

Die neuen Filialen – Nachhaltigkeit bei ALDI Nord



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