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Holding Change in your Hands

A sweet taste, a delicious flavour and a little bit(e) of happiness: We are excited to launch our new, responsibly sourced chocolate bar: The Choceur Choco Changer. As the first discount retailer, ALDI has joined Tony’s Open Chain. Together, we can amplify our positive impact and change the norm in the cocoa industry by working on ending poverty, illegal child labour, and deforestation in West Africa.

Choco Changer chocolate bars

Our three delicious flavours Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and 70 % Dark Chocolate are available in our stores in Germany, and will also be on sale in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain. The shape of the triangular pieces replicates the cocoa plantations from above and the different heights of the pieces demonstrate the reality that in the cocoa value chain risks and rewards are not equally distributed.

All ingredients, which are available under Fairtrade conditions, were sourced from Fairtrade producers. In detail, this means that not only the cocoa, but also the sugar and vanilla used in our Choco Changer are Fairtrade-certified. Selling more of their cocoa, sugar and vanilla on Fairtrade terms enables farmers to get fairer trading conditions, stimulate social change and engage in environmental protection. By going beyond certification with Tony’s Open Chain, we collaborate to become sustainability frontrunners with the CHOCO CHANGER.

The Choceur CHOCO CHANGER is going to set a new benchmark in the cocoa supply chain in terms of transparency, secured income and improved livelihoods for farmers. ALDI is proud to drive this change forward and to raise consumer awareness in eleven countries.

Erik Hollmann, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Quality Assurance at the ALDI Nord Group.

The Open Chain

5 Sourcing Principles

Tony’s Open Chain is an initiative run by Tony’s Chocolonely, where they invite other chocolate brands to join  Tony’s Open Chain and work together to change the norm in chocolate. ALDI is the first international discount retailer to join Tony’s Open Chain.

The cocoa beans for the Choceur CHOCO CHANGER are responsibly sourced via Tony's Open Chain. By joining Tony’s Open Chain, we commit to adopt Tony’s  5 Sourcing Principles, and embark on a joint  mission to make supply chains in the cocoa industry even more transparent. By opening our chain, we take responsibility to implement the five following commitments

  • An open and transparent chain, where issues are always disclosed so they can be solved
  • Direct and equal business relations throughout the entire chain
  • Paying a higher price which makes a living income achievable for farmers
  • Ending modern slavery and illegal child labour in the cocoa industry by setting a new industry standard
  • Long-term commitment to sustainably optimise the conditions of cocoa production.

Good to know: The cocoa that ALDI uses for almost all of its own brand items containing cocoa is certified according to the standards of the UTZ/Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade.  All these standards also include conditions to prevent illegal child labour along supply chains. By going beyond certification with Tony’s Open Chain, we collaborate to become sustainability frontrunners with the CHOCO CHANGER.

Illustration einer offenen Kakaoschote

Traceable beans

All cocoa beans are 100 % traceable and sourced directly from farmer cooperatives. This means we know where the beans are grown and under what circumstances.

Illustration eines Stapels Münzen

A higher price

We pay a price on top of the Fairtrade premium to enable farmers to earn a living income and invest in their farms. A living income allows for a decent standard of living for the cocoa farmer’s family, including housing, food or education etc..

Illustration von zwei Händen, die sich schütteln

Strong farmers

We support cooperatives of farmers. Together they are stronger and can work together more professionally as an organization, achieve economies of scale and create commitment and trust among the members of the cooperatives.

Illustration eines Wegweisers und eines Sacks Kakaobohnen

The long term

We engage in long-term commitments giving the farmers income security and the opportunity to invest in their businesses, enabling them to make better, long-term decisions.

Illustration eines Pflanzensprosses

Productivity and quality

We help farmers to improve yields through training and investments by Tony’s Open Chain and to gain access to markets.

Cocoa Production

In two West African countries - Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire - about 2.5 million cocoa farming families produce more than 60 % of the world’s cocoa. Cocoa is grown by smallholder farmers who may face difficult working and living conditions. ALDI is committed to fostering fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production in the cultivation of cocoa. By adopting Tony’s Open Chain’s 5 Sourcing Principles for the Choceur CHOCO CHANGER, we are creating positive change in this sector by supporting those that need it the most: the cocoa farmers in West Africa.

Cocoa value chain – The BeanTracker

Tony’s BeanTracker digitally logs where the beans are at any moment in time in the supply chain from farmer to the respective cooperative on to the supplier. We believe that once we know where our beans come from, we can better tackle the issues at hand and make sure that the farmers receive their Living Income premium.

The cocoa beans flowing through Tony’s Open Chain are 100 % traceable.  All chocolate components for the Choceur CHOCO CHANGER are also fully segregated in production from any other certified or conventional cocoa.

The following cocoa farmers are affiliated with our partner cooperatives and supply to Tony’s Open Chain:

Cooperative: Kapatchiva
Cooperative: Kapatchiva

Cooperative: Kapatchiva
Farmers: 1,635
Location: Bonon, Marahoué (Côte d’Ivoire)

Cooperative: Ecojad
Cooperative: Ecojad

Cooperative: Ecojad
Farmers: 1,913
Location: Daloa, Haut-Sassandra (Côte d’Ivoire)

Cooperative: Ecam
Cooperative: Ecam

Cooperative: Ecam
Farmers: 1,425
Location: Soubré, Meagui (Côte d’Ivoire)

Cooperative: Asetenapa
Cooperative: Asetenapa

Cooperative: Asetenapa
Farmers: 267
Location: Suhum, Eastern Region (Ghana)

Cooperative: Asunafo
Cooperative: Asunafo

Cooperative: Asunafo
Farmers: 1,144
Location: Goaso, Ahafo Region (Ghana)

Human rights

As an international company with global supply chains, we are aware of our responsibility to respect human rights. The ALDI Nord Group of Companies is certain that long-term business success can only be ensured if human rights are recognized and respected, protected and fulfilled. Human rights violations are a global issue affecting every economy, industry and sector. We have an important role to play in raising awareness for human rights and working collaboratively with our business partners and other external stakeholders to prevent, mitigate or – where necessary - remediate the adverse impact of our business activities.

Modern slavery

The ALDI SOUTH Group and the ALDI Nord Group jointly published their ‘International Policy on Forced Labour’ in order to expand their zero-tolerance approach to any forms of slavery and forced labour. This Policy expands on ALDI’s existing commitments to human rights and underlines ALDI’s stance that any form of servitude or modern slavery, or forced, bonded, indentured, trafficked, or non-voluntary labour is unacceptable throughout ALDI’s supply chains. This concerns all relevant stakeholders including all suppliers, production facilities, service providers, and contractors.

Child labour

ALDI does not tolerate illegal child labour in any areas of its operations, including its supply chains. Additionally, ALDI does not tolerate children being exposed to any other risks in production sites used for our products. The cocoa used in almost all of ALDI’s cocoa-containing products is certified according to UTZ/Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade. All of these standards set requirements for the prevention of child labour in supply chains.

Living income

Working towards the payment of a living income and wage are an important part of a sustainable supply chain. ALDI pays farmers a premium based on the calculations of a living income by Fairtrade and Tony’s Chocolonely. The higher price takes into consideration the costs of living and the costs of farming.

Fairtrade and Tony’s Chocolonely share their vision on enabling a living income and use the same model for calculating the cocoa price that enables farmer to earn a living income. They have improved existing models, integrated widely accepted benchmarks and research and share their insights with the chocolate industry with the Living Income Reference Price for cocoa.

More information on: Human Rights

Mission Ally of Tony’s Open Chain

Choco Changer Badge

As the first discount retailer, ALDI has joined Tony’s Open Chain. Tony’s Open Chain is an initiative by Tony’s Chocolonely, where they invite other chocolate brands to join Tony’s Open Chain and work together to change the norm in chocolate. By adopting the 5 Sourcing Principles for our new chocolate bar, ALDI has joined the mission to make chocolate 100 % slave-free.

I’m proud to welcome ALDI as a new mission ally. Together, we can amplify our impact on the ground. It proves the Open Chain model works and we are ready to scale.

Paul Schoenmakers, Head of Impact at Tony’s Chocolonely

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